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Readings from the 2011 NEC Codebook


Some people read poetry, but here is a reading that can really make a difference:

Readings from the 2008 NEC Handbook


NEC is the National Electric Code and is published by the National Fire Protection Association.


Article 690 is for Solar Photovoltaic Systems.


2008 NEC 690 changes - reading by Sean White
2008 690 contents - reading by Sean White
690.1 & 690.2 - reading by Sean White
690.3 to 690.8 - reading by Sean White
690.9 to 690.18 - reading by Sean White
690.31 to 690.50 - reading by Sean White
690.51 to 690.85 - reading by Sean White



Readings from the NABCEP Study Guide for Photovoltaic System Installers Version 4.2-April 2009


These readings should be helpful when studying for the NABCEP PV Installers Exam or for other PV studies.


NABCEP Guide beginning thru 3.1.9 - readings by Sean White
NABCEP Guide 3.2 to 3.3.1 - readings by Sean White
NABCEP Guide 3.4 to - readings by Sean White
NABCEP guide to 3.5.5 - readings by Sean White